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On-Site Training for Professional Development

Educational Resource Services provides several opportunities for schools and school districts to provide on-site training to staff members for professional development purposes. Providing on-site training has many advantages over sending a number of staff members to an off-site seminar.


1.    Create consistency: When all school staff members are able to learn the same skill at the same time, there is a greater tendency to implement the strategy school-wide.When strategies are used school-wide there will be greater consistency.
 2.     Build Cohesiveness:
When all school staff attends an in-service training program, morale is enhanced and a spirit of teamwork evolves. In essence, all school staff members realize that “we are in this together”.

3.     Cost Effective:
In a time when school budgets are stretched, every educational dollar must count. The cost of an on-site professional development seminar is equal to sending approximately 15 staff to an off-site seminar. An on-site program is unlimited staff for one price.

All seminars are for six hours in length, usually starting at 8:30am and concluding at 3:30pm. If your school or school district is interested in discussing the possibility of scheduling an on-site seminar for professional development, please contact Educational Resource Services at 1-800-579-1085. If we have the date available, we will be happy to submit a proposal outlining the total cost for the training. Educational Resource Services has presented hundreds of on-site seminars and will be happy to provide references to verify the quality of the content and training.
On-Site Seminars Currently Being Offered

“Managing Disruptive Classroom Behavior”: This seminar is designed to help school staff to differentiate between “typical” and “atypical” behavior patterns. When taking classes to become certified to teach, most school teachers did not take a course in classroom behavior management. However, misbehavior in the classroom is the single greatest waste of educational dollars. During this seminar participants not only gain an understanding of behavior, but also will learn how to move away from using negative reactive consequences to using positive proactive interventions.

“Challenging Students and Challenging Behavior”: During this seminar participants will begin to realize that there is always a reason for student misbehavior. In most cases the problem is the student, but in some cases the teacher may be part of the problem. The focus on this behavior is helping an attendees gain an understanding of why some students have a need to manipulate and get out of something or to avoid something. In addition, emphasis is placed on helping teachers look at their role as a leader in the classroom and how to become a dynamic teacher. Rather than view student behavior as negative, this seminar focuses on turn misbehavior into “positive energy”.

“Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder”: This seminar is ideal for those staff members that work with students that are identified or suspected of having a developmental delay. It is a mistake to assume that all of these children need to be in a self-contained classroom. This seminar focuses on teaching strategies that will enhance the academic, social and behavioral skills of the “difficult” students, even in a regular education classroom. Areas discussed in this intense training session include how to utilize a Functional Behavioral Assessment and a Behavioral Intervention Plan to develop classroom treatment programs for students with developmental delays, understanding and identifying the delay in question, and best practices for treating the total child. Participants will leave this training session with not only a better understanding of these students, but also the skills to introduce academic, social and behavioral interventions into the classroom.

“Academic Strategies for Struggling Students-Using Response to Intervention for ALL Students”: The federal government department of education has suggested that school districts move to the RTI model for identifying and intervening in academic and behavior problems. This seminar goes a step further and is designed to help participants understand and use the government mandated RTI program for all students, especially those who are struggling. Emphasis is placed on the identification, assessment and intervention aspect of addressing academic and behavioral problems in the classroom. This seminar will help educators better understand the three tier model and how to apply it for early intervention. As a result, should experience a decrease in referrals to their intervention teams and a decrease in students being referred to special education.

“Bully-Proofing the Classroom”: This training program is designed to promote healthy and safe schools. During this seminar school staff will learn skills related to identifying, preventing and responding to classroom and school bullying behavior. School personnel are under tremendous risk for establishing programs that will identify and prevent bullying behavior before it becomes dangerous. Most school districts have mandated that schools implement a school-wide anti-bullying program. Participants of this seminar will be able to identify the roles of the bully, the victim, and the bystanders and leave the training with a greater sense of power to stop bullying behavior. Any school-wide program must include strategies that involve students, school personnel, parents and community members in a collaborative effort and this training program will bring these groups together. This training is ideal for those schools interested in establishing a proactive anti-bullying program.