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Our goal is to help each school establish a system that supports implementation of evidence-based practices and procedures, and will be part of on-going school reform efforts. This approach focuses on the interactive and self-checking process of organizational correction and improvement around four key elements:

  • Outcomes: academic and behavior targets that are endorsed and emphasized by students, families, and educators.
  • Practices: interventions and strategies that are evidence based.
  • Data: information that is used to identify status, need for change, and effects of interventions.
  • Systems: supports that are needed to enable the accurate and durable implementation of school-wide practices to manage school dropout.

We consider multiple points of support:

  • Individual Student: intensive and individualized intervention planning based on function-based behavior assessments and implementation for students who are unresponsive to school-wide (primary) interventions (about 20% of students).
  • Classroom: expectations, routines, structures, and practices for presenting curriculum, designing instruction, and managing social climate of classroom environments that serves as the basis for individual student behavior support planning.
  • School-Wide: expectations and supports (i.e., proactive discipline) for all students and staff, across all school settings that together serve as the foundation for classroom and individual student behavior support.
  • Community: collaborative intervention and support efforts for students and their families. We also involve mental health, public health, juvenile justice, and other community agencies and resources.

Our system integrates the following:

  1. Establish a visible, effective, efficient, and functional leadership team.
  2. Review existing information/data.
  3. Analyze, describe, and prioritize issue within context.
  4. Specify measurable outcome that is related directly to issue and context.
  5. Select evidence-based practice to achieve specified outcome.
  6. Provide supports for accurate sustained adoption and implementation of practice.
  7. Monitor practice implementation and progress toward outcome.
  8. Modify practice implementation based on analysis of progress data.

Five general constructs:

  1. Prevention refers to organizing learning and teaching environments to prevent the (a) development of new problem behaviors, (b) worsening of existing problem behaviors, and (c) triggering of problem behavior. Prevention is characterized by an emphasis on directly teaching, actively monitoring, and positively reinforcing pro-social or adapted behaviors.
  2. Whole school refers to addressing the needs of all members (e.g., students, staff, family members and ancillary staff) and all settings of a school community.
  3. Evidence-based practices refers to interventions, strategies, and techniques that have empirical evidence of their effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, and durability. See below.
  4. Leadership Team refers to working as a cohesive, integrated, and representative collection of individuals who lead the systems change and implementation process.
  5. Evaluation refers to the regular and systematic self-assessment of strengths and needs, and the continuous self-improvement action planning process.

When there is evidence of the efficacy of a practice, use should be based on a documented need. We must then ask:

  1. Is the practice effective?
    What is the likelihood that the desired effects or outcomes will be achieved with the practice in this particular school?
  2. Is the practice efficient?
    What are the costs/benefits of adopting and sustaining the practice in this particular school?
  3. Is the practice relevant?
    Does a contextual fit exist among the practice, the individuals in the school who will use the practice, and setting or culture of the school in which the practice will be used?

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