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Seminar Agenda

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From Chaos to Classroom Control: Managing Disruptive Classroom Behavior

Session I (8:30am-10:15am)
"Typical and Atypical Classroom Behavior Patterns"
Session II (10:30am-11:45am)
"Atypical Student Behavior and the Teacher"
I. Identifying Difficult Behavior
• a. Completing the EPR
• b. Completing the FBA
II. Typical Behavior Patterns
• a. Importance of Genetics
• b. Gender as a Role in Behavior
• c. Student Development Stages
• d. Reinforcing Behaviors – ABCs/SRR
• e. Goals of Student Behavior
III. Atypical (Challenging) Behavior Patterns
• a. Neurological Processing Deficits
• b. Cognitive Deficits
• c. Learning Deficits
• d. ADHD
• e. Autism
• f. Behavioral Disorders
I. Behavioral Indicators of the Atypical Student
• a. Impact on Teachers
• b. Manifested Experiences
• c. Stress Assessment
II. Characteristics of Effective Teachers
• a. Becoming an Effective Teacher
• b. Influencing Student Behavior

LUNCH ON YOUR OWN! (11:45am-1:00pm)

LUNCH ON YOUR OWN! (11:45am-1:00pm)

Session III (1:00pm-2:15pm)
    "Positive Behavior Supports and Typical Behavior"
Session IV (2:30pm-3:30pm)
"Moving From Chaos to Control: Responding to Atypical Behavior"
I. Establishing an Environment for Positive Discipline
• a. Setting the Classroom for PBS
• b. Characteristics of Positive Discipline
• c. PBS and Effective Discipline
II. Discipline Strategies for Typical Behavior
• a. Typical Strategies
• b. Reactive versus Proactive Discipline
• c. Rewarding the Misbehavior
• c. When Implementing Interventions
I. Responding Proactively to Atypical Behavior
• a. Educational Performance Reports
• b. Functional Behaviorial Assessments
• c. Behavioral Intervention Plans
II. Discipline Stragegies for Atypical Behavior
• a. Conducting Observations
• b. Positive Behavior Supports
• c. Setting the Stage for Proactive Discipline
• d. Using a Token Economy
• e. Behavior Modification Programs
1. Button Factory
2. The Train Track
3. The Turtle Technique
4. Using a Timer
5. Using a Recorder
6. Index Cards
7. Daily Progress Report
III. Ten Discipline Rules to Follow
• a. T.E.A.C.H. Positive Discipline