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About Dr. Fred Johnson
Educational Resource Services Trainer


            Dr. Fred Johnson has worked with difficult children and their families for over twenty-five years.  His career includes working in private practice, elementary and high school teaching, school administration, college instructor, behavioral specialist, and school psychologist. He currently serves as executive director of Educational Resource Services.

            Dr. Johnson holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Louisville, and he completed post doctorate training in school psychology at Central Michigan University and in behavioral psychology at the University of Detroit. He also holds a clinical license in psychology and certification in school psychology. Dr. Johnson regularly consults with school districts throughout the United States and Canada.

            Dr. Johnson has published numerous journal articles related to child behavior. His most recent books include “Proactive Discipline for Reactive Students”, “Effective Discipline for the Difficult Child” and “From Chaos to Control” which was published by Althouse Academic Press. More than 2,000 seminars related to student behavioral issues have been taught by Dr. Johnson. He is a much sought after speaker at educational conferences and frequently provides training for school districts through out the United States and Canada. His audience has consisted of individuals from every level of school staff.