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Specializing in Classroom Behavior Management

Educational Resource Services was organized in 1992 to offer a wide range of training programs and educational products for educators and school districts. Educational Resource Services recognizes that a school's greatest resources are its school staff and students. We are committed to helping school personnel develop effective, yet practical, discipline strategies that not only results in a greater functioning classroom, but also enhances learning.

All training staff at Educational Resource Services hold doctorate degrees in their prospective fields of expertise and have vast experience working in school environments. Areas of specialization include behavior management, autism, differentiated learning, team building, effective classroom communication, working with resistive and despondent students, and establishing school wide behavior intervention programs.

Services and products offered by Educational Resource Services include on and off-site training, key-note addresses, consultations, implementing school/district wide discipline programs, and a variety of forms, books, and videos designed to facilitate classroom functioning. All Educational Resource Services' training and products meet the legal requirement of IDEA'97 and 2004, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and adhere to Best Practices for effective classroom management.

Educational Resource Services is dedicated to providing the highest level of services and products to educators. Feedback from school districts currently using Educational Resource Services, report a decrease in student behavioral problems, lower incidence of suspensions, improved school climate, increase in test scores, and fewer referrals for assessment. As a result student behavior is being managed in the classroom!